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Do you have any questions about wills and estate planning? Get in touch with wills and estate lawyers in Barrhead from Driessen De Rudder Law Office today. We can answer the questions you have.

Wills and Estate Lawyers in Barrhead, Alberta

One of the most responsible things one can do for loved ones is to secure their future. Life is unpredictable and it is never too early to be prepared for whatever life has in store for you and your family. Regardless of age, estate and succession planning is a great idea.

Whether you are young, single, or own few assets, estate planning is crucial. Deciding who gets what upon your death could prevent conflict and ensure your wishes are fulfilled. By leaving a will, setting up a trust, and creating a power of attorney and personal directive, you are ensuring you and your loved ones are well taken care of no matter the situation life puts you in.

If you are ready to start planning your future, an experienced wills and estate planning lawyer on your side can make everything a lot easier. They will walk you through the estate planning process, lay out your options, and provide personalized legal advice.

Dedicated estate planning lawyers at Driessen De Rudder Law Office can help you create a comprehensive estate plan. We have been serving Barrhead residents for over half a century and have extensive experience in estate law.

Why Is Having a Will Important in Barrhead, Alberta?

A will is a document that details your assets and how they should be managed and distributed after your death. When you die intestate, i.e., without a will, your estate will be disposed of in accordance with the Wills and Succession Act. Heirs of an intestate estate are usually the children and the surviving spouse. If the intestate deceased is single, the heirs are their parents. If the parents are no longer alive, siblings are next in line, and so on.

Unfortunately, the absence of a will means you have no say in how your property is distributed or who will administer it. Certain individuals will be entitled to inherit, regardless of whether you would have so wished. On the other hand, any loved ones not related to you will not be able to receive anything without a will or trust. That is because, in the eyes of the law, they are strangers to you.

If you want to ensure your assets go to the right people when you leave this world, have a will in place. A will ensures your estate is distributed according to your wishes and desires.

If the authenticity or validity of the will is questioned, the heirs may challenge it and go to court. Therefore, it is crucial that the will you create meets the legal requirements to be valid.

Speak with a wills and estate lawyer at Driessen De Rudder Law Office to create a legally binding and comprehensive will.

When Is a Will Valid in Alberta?

For a will to be valid, it must conform to the minimum requirements of the Wills and Succession Act. This includes how it is written, witnessed and other restrictions. If you are under eighteen (18) in Alberta, you can still make a will if you are:

  • Married, or
  • A member of the military, or
  • Able to get an order from the court.

A lawyer can help ensure that your will complies with the law so as to minimize the possibility of it being contested or challenged.

How We Handle Your Case

Estate planning sessions with Driessen De Rudder Law Office lawyers are comprehensive and convenient. During your first appointment, we will review your family and financial profile. There’s no need for advance preparation on your part. We will discuss everything you need to know and answer your questions.

We pay careful attention to all details that could affect your estate’s distribution. We will walk you through the tax implications of your choices and help you find ways to disentangle commitments from previous marriages.

We offer the convenience of electronic document transfer and can typically have a first draft of your estate plan ready within ten days of your initial appointment.

Why Work With Our Wills and Estate Lawyers in Barrhead, Alberta?

Many of our clients in Barrhead and surrounding communities own farm properties. When we prepare wills involving such significant assets, we work to create an optimal arrangement and smooth delivery of all your decisions. We have extensive experience arranging for the division and transfer of agricultural assets.

We can also help you identify potential complications such as past marriages, stepchildren, and indivisible farm properties. By providing legal guidance and solid document drafting, we can help you guard against unintended consequences and later problems enforcing your will.

Services we offer you at Driessen De Rudder Law Office include:

  • Estate planning: This refers to the strategic planning of one’s properties and assets. Estate planning aims to have a smooth property transfer after death, preserve the estate’s value, and reduce its tax liability as much as possible. 
  • Wills drafting and interpretation: Wills outline the specific desires of a person regarding everything they leave behind upon death. It may include instructions about the distribution of their assets, the executor of the will, the guardianship of minors or disabled children, address corporations, and more. We can help you draft your own will or interpret a loved one’s will.
  • Probate/Administration: The nature of the estate may require that it go through probate, a court-supervised process. We can address all your legal concerns and handle court applications and all the required paperwork on your behalf.

Consult a Dedicated Wills and Estate Lawyer in Barrhead

If you have questions about legal matters involving your or your loved ones’ wills and estates, contact Barrhead wills and estate planning lawyers, Driessen De Rudder Law Office, at your earliest convenience. We have helped many clients in Barrhead create personalized and comprehensive estate plans.

We prioritize open communication and genuinely listen to your concerns. We will be by your side throughout the process, guiding you every step of the way. Contact us today to book a consultation.

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