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Driessen De Rudder Law Office is a law firm that knows Albertan communities and understands rural life. That’s one reason why clients in Barrhead and surrounding areas turn to us for legal help tailored to their communities’ unique needs.

We have decades of experience in a variety of practice areas. We leverage that wealth of knowledge to provide you with high-quality legal services. Our lawyers work efficiently to provide cost-effective legal advice in the areas of agriculture, litigation, and small business law.

Legal Guidance In Agricultural Law

With over 60 years of legal experience in agricultural communities, our lawyers have the context-rich experience to help our clients navigate the legal complexities peculiar to the agricultural industry.

Our firm can help you evaluate land-use matters of all kinds. From questions on gravel pits to right-of-ways, we draw on our history in dealing with local land matters to provide reliable guidance to meet your agricultural goals.

Advice And Representation In Dispute Resolution

As experienced counsel, our lawyers can help you resolve civil disputes through various resolution methods.

Whether you are starting or defending an action, we can provide guidance. If you are in the midst of a dispute or need help to resolve one, we can draft civil claims, provide brief advice, and file builders’ liens.

Primary Legal Considerations for Starting a Small Agricultural Business

Starting a small agricultural business requires navigating a myriad of legal considerations. First and foremost, understanding provincial laws and federal law is crucial. 

Different provinces have varying regulations concerning agriculture, and these can impact everything from land use to water rights. Agricultural law lawyers can provide invaluable guidance in this area, ensuring that new agribusinesses comply with all local and national regulations.

Another significant legal issue revolves around land acquisition and property rights. Ensuring clear titles, understanding zoning restrictions, and being aware of any environmental issues on the property can prevent costly legal disputes in the future. 

The agriculture industry often deals with specific contracts, from seed purchase agreements to distribution deals. Proper legal structures can assist farmers in avoiding unfavorable terms and ensuring their business’s protection.

Using The Law To Protect Your Business Interests

For local businesses, our firm offers a full range of corporate and commercial law services, including:

  • Starting a business
  • Choosing a business structure
  • Incorporating a business
  • Purchasing or selling a business or business assets
  • Meeting governmental filing requirements
  • Contract drafting and reviews

Consult With Our Lawyers

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