Comprehensive Wills And Estate Planning

For many, preparing a will and estate plan can seem like a daunting challenge. The documents your lawyer drafts will dictate how your estate will be distributed, leaving little room for readjustment after death. At Driessen De Rudder Law Office, our role is to help you assemble an estate plan that ensures the execution of your wishes and provides loved ones with as smooth an experience as possible.

6 Reasons Even Single People with no Children and Little Property Should have a Will:

1) Empowers someone of your choice to deal with your funeral arrangements.
2) Confirms who may close your accounts (bank, telephone, credit cards, etc.).
3) Directs who will receive your estate assets.
4) Significantly reduces estate legal fees.
5) Enable someone of your choice to file necessary returns on death.
6) Peace of mind.

We Consider Your Estate Plan From All Sides

To ensure that your estate plan misses no relevant detail, we help you comb through a host of issues — some that you may have contemplated and others of which you may not be aware.

Many of our clients in Barrhead and surrounding communities possess farm properties. When we prepare wills involving such significant assets, we work to create an optimal arrangement and smooth delivery of all your decisions. We have extensive experience arranging for the division and transfer of agricultural assets.

We can help you identify potential complications such as past marriages, stepchildren and indivisible farm properties. By providing legal guidance and solid document drafting, we can help you guard against unintended consequences and later problems enforcing your will.

Walking You Through The Estate Planning Process

Our estate planning sessions are comprehensive and convenient. During your first appointment, we will review your family and financial profile. There's no need for advance preparation on your part. We'll discuss everything you need to know and answer your questions.

We maintain scrupulous attention to all details that could potentially affect the distribution of your estate. We will walk you through all of the tax implications of your choices and help you find ways to disentangle commitments from previous marriages.

We offer the convenience of electronic document transfer and can typically have a first draft of your estate plan ready within ten days of your initial appointment.

Call Us To Start Your Estate Planning Session

Call us discuss your needs. We can quickly determine the services that fit your circumstances and then arrange for an in-person will and estate planning session. Call us at 780-674-2276 or send us an email.